Badminton disqualification shows Western bias

Western cultural bias at fault, not Chinese athletes say officials

After initially agreeing with the decision to disqualify badminton pair Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli after “not using one’s best efforts to win”, the Chinese authorities appear to have changed their mind.

Far from any accusation of cheating, Chinese officials assert disqualification shows the gap between Asian and Western standards.

A spokesman for China’s Olympic Committee said today:

“Badminton is a game of skill, but it is also a game of strategy. The competition is organised in this way, so playing to avoid the other Chinese pair until the final is simply common sense.

“Why is strategy like this against the rules? It is not cheating, just Western cultural bias invading global sport.”

It was also stated that the Olympic values of ‘friendship’ had been violated, as the badminton authorities had not understood Chinese differences and simply applied arbritary universal standards of ‘fair play’.

The Badminton World Federation said it would consider all legitimate protest and the arrangment of the tournament for the future, but the athletes would remain disqualified, red envelope notwithstanding.

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